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General Description: 

Under the general supervision of the Senior Director of Compliance, Quality & Risk Management, advise the department’s leader of any potential risks that may affect the reputation, safety, security and financial sustainability of the company. Plan, implement and monitor the Compliance Program and coordinate compliance audit activities to manage the risk associated to the company.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
1. Oversee and monitor the implementation of the Company’s Compliance Program.
2. Periodically review progress on program implementation and assist with establishing improvement plans.
3. Provide support, education, and training to staff to build risk awareness within the organization.
4. Work closely with senior management to understand the business requirement for projects and develop effective working relationships during project implementation.
5. Ensure the department’s leader and colleagues within the organization remain informed of regulatory, legislative, and best practice changes and their obligations under these changes.
6. Access records relevant to compliance monitoring activities and report findings. Investigate patient and employee complaints and coordinate action plans with other departments.
7. Develop and implement policies and programs that encourage staff to report suspected fraud.
8. Manage the successful delivery of compliance projects ensuring excellence and a practical/business driven approach.
9. Compile reports of calls received, investigations conducted, findings and recommendations developed, action plans established, and progress noted. Maintain a log of communications received relevant to compliance.
10. Re‐evaluate areas of previous deficiency to identify improvements.
11. Present annual written evaluations and reports to the department’s leader, as requested.

Qualifications Required:

• Bachelor’s degree in HealthCare or related field.
• Master’s degree is a plus.
• Experience in regulatory compliance, quality and risk management is required.
• Knowledge of government regulatory requirements and healthcare industry practices is required
• At least three (3) years of experience, preferably in the healthcare or retail is desirable.
• Computer Literate: Excel, Word and PowerPoint are required.
• A comparable amount of education and experience may be substituted for degree.
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